To begin, let this shy, fluffy, gentle soul confess to you that I am nervous of having to show my face. It’s true, but I have to so that I can share with you my own personal story. And isn't it funny how, even though I spend so much time taking photos of others, I personally become so reserved and shy when it is my own picture being taken.


How did I come about taking photos of differently-abled children and adults? My children were quite ill when they were growing up and, as their father worked away from home, I would take as many photos as possible of our 'hotel stays' (as I called them) to show him that it was not all doom and gloom all the time. I started documenting my work and then began sharing the photographs with my children's paediatrician to thank him for his help. After a while he approached me with the incredible idea of creating a book dedicated to the lives and experiences of differently-abled children, which book would provide a way of raising funds to support them.  

And so was born the inspiration for the "Touching The Heart" coffee table book and initiative...an initiative which is celebrated annually with a prestigious gala fundraising event. I am extremely proud to be a part of this incredible project, which is a joint initiative of two NPO's - Daniel and Friends Fund and I am Special Ministries. My journey has led me to additional work with Daniel and Friends, as well as with Iris House Children's Hospice.

​My heart has been stolen by these children and I am quite content with never getting it back.

On the professional side of this page...


I studied photography before digital and became quite efficient and comfortable in the dark room, developing my own photos. I also worked in the magazine industry for many years before becoming a mom and choosing to change my priorities. Later, once reunited with my camera, which has become an extension of me, I discovered a renewed passion for capturing and documenting precious moments.


There are times when I am as nervous about a first shoot as what my clients are but I am always able to put them at ease. I invite them to sit down and relax and then coax them gently to look into the middle of my lens, as opposed to sounding like a movie director by shouting instructions at them. There have been times when I have climbed into bushes and even up trees to get that perfect shot! I am well aware that, like us, differently-abled individuals are just as prone to 'bad days' as what we are. Or that a child may not even know I am there. But in all scenarios I strive to put the whole family at ease and make sure that I obtain as much information as possible beforehand to ensure that I do not trigger any anxiety in the child. 


Children with special needs are extremely close to my heart and capturing your child's cherished moments would be an honour for me. 

On a side note, I am also a Birth Photographer. And a proud registered member of SABPA, the South Africa Birth Photographer's Association.


I thank you for stopping by read a little more about my story - I look forward to helping you create yours.