Daniel & Friends Fund

“ Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever... it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything. “
Aaron Siskind

Candice Rodrigues is the photographer of our Touching the Heart photo book. She has a passion for capturing special needs, those with disabilities and warriors of cancer. Different not less... just differently abled.

Our Touching the Heart book is amazingly captured, and it tells a story in photos... all thanks to Candice who dedicated her heart and soul into this project. Giving back with so much love, touching us forever. 

The photographs in the book makes you feel and love and experience everything as if you were there with her when the photos was taken. It makes us want to look and look again. It inspires us. It is a story of bravery. Of joy. Of the heartache sometimes. To cherish all the small moments, because they end up to be the big moments. 

Candice you are one exceptional lady with a soft heart. Even though you also have had it tough you always manage to put it a smile on the children’s faces, lightening up their world and producing photos of high standing quality. You have the children’s trust, and that is exceptional. You are so brave. 

We would like to thank Candice for her dedication towards Daniel and Friends Fund and the Touching the Heart project. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts also for your contribution towards our Gala auction. 

We appreciate you tremendously.

Lindsay Loos

One of the most talented photographers around, Candice’s photography isn’t just a picture or a moment, it’s a feeling, a mood, a significant glimpse through her lens.


She captures the essence of the moment which is real, beautiful and raw no matter what she photographs - a true artist.

Nicky de Beer

Captured life moments of any child become beautiful keepsakes for their parents. Captured life moments of a differently-abled and/or medically-fragile child are so much more than just a sentimental trip down memory lane...


They are an uplifting place to go to when challenges become overwhelming,


They are reassuring reminders of how far your child (with your love and care)has come and much-needed encouragement to hold on to the courage and dedication which has brought you to that moment.


There is no-one who can quite capture our children the way Candice can.


She has both the eye and heart for uncovering the essence of who they are, underneath the diagnosis with which they live, and creating a magical insight into their enigmatic charm and warrior spirit.